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Location of reserve network, monitored fishing areas, and observations of regional currents.

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posted on 08.01.2009, 00:28 by Richard Cudney-Bueno, Miguel F. Lavín, Silvio G. Marinone, Peter T. Raimondi, William W. Shaw

The three diagrams in the center represent: track and velocity of a surface drifter (in black), progressive vector diagram (PVD) from velocity measured 15 m above the bottom at ADCP (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler) site (in blue, bottom at 25 m), and the PVD from velocity measured 15 m above the bottom at ADP (Acoustic Doppler Profiler) site (in red, bottom at 18 m). Both PVDs have been shifted west for clarity. These three diagrams are made with hourly-mean data for the period 19:00:00 (UT) July 12 to 00:10:00 July 16 2006. The black arrows close to the 20 m isobath represent interpolated half-hourly data from a drifter drogued at 15 m, from 03:00 to 22:30, July 7 2006. The most offshore arrows are 6-hourly drifter data from the same drifter, from 18:00 June 24 to 12:00 June 25 2006 (see Fig. S1 and S2 for additional drifter trajectories and PVDs).


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