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Location of Bhutan (A[i]) and Thrumshingla National Park in Bhutan shown in green (A[ii]).

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posted on 26.04.2013, 00:39 by Nawang Norbu, Martin C. Wikelski, David S. Wilcove, Jesko Partecke, Ugyen, Ugyen Tenzin, Sherub, Tshering Tempa

Location of study area bounded by rectangular box (A[ii]). Light grey areas show protected areas in Bhutan and dark grey areas show biological corridors. Land cover, locations for 1 resident (black circles) and migratory routes for 4 migratory individuals (3 females and 1 male [green squares and line] within the study area (B)). A tagged male (C) and a tagged female (D) being released. Travel route of a male migrant shown in green and female migrant shown in yellow (B) overlaid onto a photograph of the actual mountain location (E).