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Localization of specific genes in the PSI07, R. syzygii and the BDB genomes.

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posted on 08.09.2011, 02:23 by Benoît Remenant, Jean-Charles de Cambiaire, Gilles Cellier, Jonathan M. Jacobs, Sophie Mangenot, Valérie Barbe, Aurélie Lajus, David Vallenet, Claudine Medigue, Mark Fegan, Caitilyn Allen, Philippe Prior

For each figure, the two inner circles represent the localization of genomic islands and a graphical representation of the genome (green = chromosome, yellow = megaplasmid) A: Genome of R. solanacearum strain PSI07. From inside to outside: (1) PSI07 CDS absent in both BDB and R. syzygii, (2) PSI07 CDS absent in R. syzygii only, (3) PSI07 CDS absent in the BDB only. B: Genome of R. syzygii strain R229. From inside to outside: (1) R. syzygii CDS absent in PSI07, (2) R. syzygii CDS absent in PSI07 but present in BDB. C: Genome of the BDB strain R24. From inside to outside: (1) BDB CDS absent in PSI07, (2) BDB CDS absent in PSI07 but present in R. syzygii.