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Localization of labeled lipoprotein moieties of oxLDL and oxLDL-IC in endosomal vesicles.

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posted on 20.02.2013, 23:41 by Mohammed M. Al Gadban, Kent J. Smith, Farzan Soodavar, Christabelle Piansay, Charlyne Chassereau, Waleed O. Twal, Richard L. Klein, Gabriel Virella, Maria F. Lopes-Virella, Samar M. Hammad

U937 cells were treated with endosomal marker (Alexa 488-transferrin, green) and with either DiI-labeled lipid moiety (red) (A), or Alexa 546-labeled protein moiety (red) (B) for 90 min and 5 h. Cells were treated with Alexa 488-transferrin (5 µg/ml) and with either labeled oxLDL (24 µg/ml) or labeled oxLDL-IC (32 µg/ml), fixed with 4% formaldehyde, suspended in sealed capillaries and visualized using Zeiss LSM 510 laser scanning confocal microscope. Arrows point at co-localization of lipid and apolipoprotein moities of oxLDL and oxLDL-IC with Alexa 488-transferrin.