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Localization of PbrB and melanin during conidiation in T. marneffei.

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posted on 2015-04-13, 02:51 authored by Ariya Sapmak, Kylie J. Boyce, Alex Andrianopoulos, Nongnuch Vanittanakom

Epifluorescence microscopy after immunostaining using an anti-melanin antibody staining for the wild type control (G681) and the PbrB::GFP fusion strain after growth on slides at 28°C for 10 days. To assess non-specific staining by the rhodamine-labeled secondary antibody (goat anti-mouse IgM antibody), samples were processed without the primary anti-melanin antibody step (labeled as—anti-melanin Ab.). Red fluorescent signals of melanin or melanin-like particles are observed in both wild type and PbrB::GFP fusion strain (+ anti-melanin Ab.). Green fluorescent signals indicate sites of PbrB::GFP proteins. The merged image shows co-localization of PbrB::GFP and melanin-labeled fluorescence. White arrows identify sites of fluorescence signals which melanin-labeled particles co-localize with PbrB::GFP proteins. Microscopic images were captured at 1000X magnification.