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Localization of GABAAα1 receptors in the GAD67-GFP expressing circumvallate taste buds.

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posted on 26.10.2010, 00:54 by Margaret R. Starostik, Michelle R. Rebello, Kellie A. Cotter, Akos Kulik, Kathryn F. Medler

A Z-stack of 5 LSCMs (0.5 µm each, collected 1 µm apart) of circumvallate taste buds from a GAD67-GFP mouse labeled with an antibody directed against the GABAAα1 subunit is shown. Panel A shows the GFP fluorescence with the corresponding anti-GABAAα1 immunoreactivity of the same section shown in panel B (red labeling). A DIC bright field image of the taste buds is shown in C. An overlay of the images from A, B, and C is shown in D. Negative controls are the same as shown in Figure 3. Scale bars  = 20 µm.


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