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Localization of αB-crystallin in rat heart tissue before and after heat stress in vivo.

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posted on 22.01.2014, 03:50 by Shu Tang, Yingjun Lv, Hongbo Chen, Abdelnasir Adam, Yanfen Cheng, Jörg Hartung, Endong Bao

Immunohistochemical staining, scale bar = 10 µm, αB-crystallin (brown color, DAB). (a) Positive αB-crystallin signals were localized in the cytoplasm of non-stressed rat heart cells. In heat-stressed rat hearts, the following were observed at the indicated time points: (b) 20 min, αB-crystallin signals were positive mainly in the cytoplasm but weaker compared to the control group; (c) 40 min, αB-crystallin signals were still detected in the cytoplasm but stronger than at 20 min of heat stress; (d) 60 min, αB-crystallin was still localized in the cytoplasm; (e) 80 min, weaker positive αB-crystallin signals were still mainly expressed in the cytoplasm; (f) 100 min, αB-crystallin was expressed weakly in the cytoplasm.