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Liposomes were not significantly lysed by exposure to community exoproducts for four hours.

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posted on 23.11.2015, 14:43 by Graham G. Willsey, Matthew J. Wargo

This data is compiled from three independent experiments each with three biological replicates and error bars represent SD. Data was analyzed by one-way ANOVA and a Dunnett’s post-test was used to compare all groups to heat-killed biofilm supernatant ‘HK sup’ (first bar). Statistical symbols: NS = not significant; *** = p < 0.001. Abbreviations: Mix = supernatant from mixed culture; Triton = Triton X-100 treatment; PlcH = treatment with 1 ng/ul purified PlcHR (CITE); Pa Sup = supernatant from Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1 as a postitive lipolytic control.