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Linear regression of age with alpha-synuclein concentration in native and acidified plasma.

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posted on 2015-04-06, 02:50 authored by Niklas K. U. Koehler, Elke Stransky, Mirjam Meyer, Susanne Gaertner, Mona Shing, Martina Schnaidt, Maria S. Celej, Thomas M. Jovin, Thomas Leyhe, Christoph Laske, Anil Batra, Gerhard Buchkremer, Andreas J. Fallgatter, Dorothee Wernet, Elke Richartz-Salzburger

Alpha-synuclein decreased with age and was enhanced by acidification. Spearman correlation was very significant for native samples, p = 0.0093, r = -0.3, after acidification, p = 0.0019, r = -0.34.