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Library overlap.

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posted on 29.11.2012, 01:12 by John Parkinson, James D. Wasmuth, Gustavo Salinas, Cristiano V. Bizarro, Chris Sanford, Matthew Berriman, Henrique B. Ferreira, Arnaldo Zaha, Mark L. Blaxter, Rick M. Maizels, Cecilia Fernández

The Venn diagrams show the overlap in cluster membership between various libraries sequenced in this study. (A) Only 140 of the 1,328 generated clusters contained members from both GR- and SL-derived libraries. (B) and (C) show the overlap between libraries prepared from various parasite materials. (D) When we consider all clusters containing five or more ESTs, we note a larger overlap across the three stages, suggesting that a lack of overlap elsewhere may be due to sampling biases.