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Levels of the principal cuticular hydrocarbons in flies of various genotypes.

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posted on 2013-02-21, 12:05 authored by Fabien Lacaille, Makoto Hiroi, Robert Twele, Tsuyoshi Inoshita, Daisuke Umemoto, Gérard Manière, Frédéric Marion-Poll, Mamiko Ozaki, Wittko Francke, Matthew Cobb, Claude Everaerts, Teiichi Tanimura, Jean-François Ferveur

Data shown represent the mean (±sem) for absolute amount of the principal hydrocarbons detected on the cuticle of 5-day-old flies. 7-T = Z-7-tricosene; 7-P = Z-7-pentacosene; 7-11 HD = Z-Z-7,11-heptacosadiene; 7-11 ND = Z-Z-7,11-nonacosadiene. The genotypes shown correspond to the target flies tested either with a WT male or with a Gr66a-Gal4/WT male (see Fig. 2A). WT = Canton-S strain.


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