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Let-7f expression in gastric cancer tissues and cells measured by real-time PCR.

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posted on 2011-04-18, 00:44 authored by Shuli Liang, Lijie He, Xiaodi Zhao, Yu Miao, Yong Gu, Changcun Guo, Zengfu Xue, Weijia Dou, Fengrong Hu, Kaichun Wu, Yongzhan Nie, Daiming Fan

(A) The mean fold-changes of let-7f gene expression in GC9811 and GC9811-P(right). The mean fold-changes of let-7f gene expression in SGC7901-NM and SGC7901-M(left). Student's t-test, n = 3. (B) The relative expression of let-7f to 5S. * P<0.05. ** P<0.01. one-way ANOVA, n = 8. Real-time PCR show that the relative expression of let-7f in eight adjacent non-cancerous gastric tissue samples, and in gastric cancer cell lines GC9811, SGC7901-NM is higher than that in their primary gastric cancer and distant gastric metastasis specimens and the high potential metastasis gastric cancer cell GC9811-P and SGC7901-M.Each sample was analyzed in triplicate and normalized to 5S. Fold change was calculated by 2-ΔΔCt.


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