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Lengths of copy number variations shared among tumor types differ among patients.

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posted on 14.12.2011, 00:55 by Joel A. Malek, Eliane Mery, Yasmin A. Mahmoud, Eman K. Al-Azwani, Laurence Roger, Ruby Huang, Eva Jouve, Raphael Lis, Jean-Paul Thiery, Denis Querleu, Arash Rafii

Lengths of shared copy number variations between peritoneal (perit.) metastasis and matched primary (prim.) tumors were plotted for each patient. Peritoneal metastases that do not differ much from their primary tumors tend to have large numbers of differences to the HapMap (normal) baseline and likely metastasized only recently. We only observed one patient (OV08-2 with fewer primary tumor CNVs than the peritoneal metastasis). These data suggest groups of early, mid and late metastatic groups separated by amount of shared CNVs between the tumor types.


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