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Left vs right amygdala rsFC -HA correlation analysis.

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posted on 23.04.2014, 15:13 by Chris Baeken, Daniele Marinazzo, Peter Van Schuerbeek, Guo-Rong Wu, Johan De Mey, Robert Luypaert, Rudi De Raedt

Left column) Transversal slides displaying the results of the rsFC-HA correlation analyses for the left vs. right amygdala rsFC seeds. Colors from yellow to red represent significantly stronger FC with the left compared to the right amygdala. Colors from green to blue represent the opposite: significantly stronger FC for the right compared to the left amygdala. For an overview of all significant clusters see Table 3. P = posterior, L = left, R = right, BA = Brodmann area. Right column) Scatter plots representing left vs. right amygdala rsFC-HA correlations with their respective correlation coefficients. The red circles represent more left vs. right amygdala rsFC; the blue circles represent the reverse: more right vs. left amygdala rsFC.