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Learning and memory deficits are associated with mutation in Cln6.

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posted on 01.11.2013, 03:14 by Jeremy P. Morgan, Helen Magee, Andrew Wong, Tarah Nelson, Bettina Koch, Jonathan D. Cooper, Jill M. Weimer

Following a period of habituation and training, memory and learning performance were tested in a radial arm maze task. (A–B) In an assay of memory, Cln6nclf mice displayed a significant increase in the latency (time in seconds) to complete an 8-arm radial maze task during a 5-trial session. (C–D) Deficits in the mean amount of time required to complete the task (C) and the mean total distance traveled (in meters) to complete the correct maze sequence (D) occurred in Cln6nclfmice when the maze task was altered 24-hours later to assay learning. [Mean +/− SEM, n = 6–9 (**p≤0.01, ***p≤0.0001)].