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Layer specificity of five different cell-types.

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posted on 15.08.2013, 01:43 by Frederic Zubler, Andreas Hauri, Sabina Pfister, Roman Bauer, John C. Anderson, Adrian M. Whatley, Rodney J. Douglas

(A) Real cortical neurons reconstructed from the cat visual cortex; from left to right: a pyramidal cell of layer 2/3, a spiny stellate cell of layer 4, a pyramidal cell of layer 5, a pyramidal cell of layer 6 (axons drawn in black, dendrites in blue) and a basket cell of layer 2/3. Scale bar: . (Reconstructed cells are a courtesy of Kevan Martin and colleagues, Institute of Neuroinformatics, Zurich). (B) Schematic representation of the axonal branching pattern for encoding in the instruction language G-code. Each color corresponds to a segment of the axonal arbor encoded by a specific G-code machine.