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Laser scanning microscopy showing comparison of vimentin and adipophilin antibodies in AIM-stimulated compared to AIM-stimulated plus shortly OA-treated human preadipocytes.

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posted on 28.02.2014, 04:20 authored by Hans Heid, Steffen Rickelt, Ralf Zimbelmann, Stefanie Winter, Heiderose Schumacher, Yvette Dörflinger, Caecilia Kuhn, Werner W. Franke

(a) With short AIM stimulation for one day many tiny LDs positively stained for adipophilin can still be seen within the dense vimentin meshwork. (a) Additional short OA treatment for 3 hours immediately leads to exogenously derived, larger adipophilin positive droplets. Arrowheads mark two huge, vimentin surrounded cage-like structures. These are probably perilipin containing droplets (cp. Fig. 7d,d) which have not yet been amalgamated by the new exogenously generated adipophilin droplets. DAPI (blue). Bars: 20 µm.