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Laser scanning microscopy showing comparison of vimentin and N-terminal specific perilipin antibodies using briefly AIM-stimulated human preadipocytes.

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posted on 28.02.2014 by Hans Heid, Steffen Rickelt, Ralf Zimbelmann, Stefanie Winter, Heiderose Schumacher, Yvette Dörflinger, Caecilia Kuhn, Werner W. Franke

(a) Mab Vim3B4 reveals a dense filamentous network with additional prominent ring- and cage-like structures (red staining; some examples of cages are marked by arrowheads). (a) Double-staining of mab Vim3B4 (red) with pab Peri-hNT (green) unambiguously shows that these cages of intermediate-sized filaments (IFs) are marked by perilipin staining. DAPI (blue). Bar: 20 µm.