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Larval expression of CapI-Hox3.

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posted on 2008-12-23, 01:11 authored by Andreas C. Fröbius, David Q. Matus, Elaine C. Seaver

Anterior is to the left for all panels. Stages indicated at bottom right of each panel. (A), (C), and (E) show ventral views; (B), (D), and (F), lateral views with ventral down. Position of the mouth is marked by an asterisk. (A, B) CapI-Hox3 is expressed in the ventrolateral ectoderm of all segments and in the growth zone (stage 5) (gray arrowheads). (C, D) Expression in the lateral epidermis (bracket) and VNC (VNC, white arrows) of all segments, and in the posterior growth zone (gray arrowheads) at stage 7. Black arrowhead marks brain expression. White arrowhead marks expression in the dorsal wall of the stomodeum. (E, F) At late stage 8/early stage 9, expression is prominent in the posterior segments and growth zone (gray arrowheads), and weak in the VNC (white arrow), esophagus and pharynx (white arrowheads), and brain (black arrowhead).