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Lack of ZAP1 leads to alterations in glutathione metabolism.

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posted on 2012-08-20, 00:02 authored by Rafael de Oliveira Schneider, Natully de Souza Süffert Fogaça, Lívia Kmetzsch, Augusto Schrank, Marilene Henning Vainstein, Charley Christian Staats

(A) The WT, zap1Δ mutant and zap1Δ::ZAP1 complemented strains were incubated in YNB or YNB +0.5 mM DEM. After 24 h of incubation, the cell density was spectrophotometrically determined. The ratio between growth in DEM and control conditions is shown as the mean ± SD from three biological replicates. (B) Quantitative real time RT-PCR of GPX gene transcripts after growth of C. gattii WT or zap1Δ mutant cells in YNB + TPEN. The measured quantity of the mRNA in each of the samples was normalized using the Ct values obtained for the actin gene. Data are shown as the mean ± SD from three experimental replicates of three biological replicates. *P<0.05. **P<0.01. ***P<0.001. NS, not significant.


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