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No evidence of immunoreactivity of anti-EPO monoclonal and human anti-EPO sera with HIV p17.

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posted on 2015-11-23, 15:06 authored by Peter D. Burbelo, James S. Klimavicz, Steve G. Deeks, Joseph A. Kovacs, Jack A. Ragheb

Seven different IgG monoclonal antibodies (EPO MAB) against EPO, one Neg Ctrl MAB, two anti-EPO seropositive clinical sera (EPO Pos), one anti-EPO seronegative human sera (EPO Neg), two HIV subjects (HIV) and a buffer blank were assayed for immunoreactivity against HIV p17 by LIPS. The anti-p17 antibody levels in LU are plotted on the y-axis using a log10 scale. Only the HIV patients demonstrated anti-p17 immunoreactivity.