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LRIG2 and LRIG2ecto overexpression promote the growth of glioblastoma cells in vitro.

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posted on 29.10.2014 by Qungen Xiao, Yihu Tan, Yang Guo, Hongkuan Yang, Feng Mao, Ruifan Xie, Baofeng Wang, Ting Lei, Dongsheng Guo

(A) Time-course effects of LRIG2 or LRIG2ecto overexpression on the growth of glioblastoma cells. The proliferation rates of cells were measured by CCK8 assay at the times indicated, which revealed that both LRIG2 and LRIG2ecto overexpression cells proliferate more rapidly than control cells (*P<0.05 vs con). (B) Representative images of immunofluorescent staining of Ki-67 were shown in the upper panel (scale bars, 50 µm). The percentages of Ki-67-positive cells in the LRIG2 and LRIG2ecto group were compared with that of the control group, respectively, shown in the lower panel (*P<0.05 vs con). (C) Soft agar colony formation assay was used to detect the anchorage-independent proliferation in the forementioned cells. The representative high-resolution images were shown (scale bars, 100 µm) and the quantitative analysis of colony numbers per microscopic field and colony sizes were present in the lower panel (compared with control, *P<0.05 vs con). All experiments were performed at least three times with consistent and repeatable results.