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LMP-420 Inhibits TNF- and LT-Induced Increase of PRBC Cytoadherence

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posted on 2013-02-22, 09:02 authored by Samuel C Wassmer, George J Cianciolo, Valéry Combes, Georges E Grau

HBEC-5i were cultured until confluence was reached and were left resting or activated as described earlier. Cytoadherence assays were then performed with FCR3-P. falciparum strain, and RP8 and PAC2 subpopulations selected for their ability to bind only CSA and ICAM-1/CD36, respectively (A and B). Results of six determinations in five experiments are expressed in bound PRBC, after two washing steps after the assay (Dunn's test, ** corresponds to p < 0.01).


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