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LFPs elicited by nociceptive, tactile, auditory and visual stimuli in the contralateral anterior and posterior insula of two representative subjects.

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posted on 18.01.2016, 14:35 by Giulia Liberati, Anne Klöcker, Marta M. Safronova, Susana Ferrão Santos, Jose-Geraldo Ribeiro Vaz, Christian Raftopoulos, André Mouraux

All four types of stimuli elicited responses at the same electrode contacts, both in the anterior insula and in the posterior insula (electrode contacts shown in red; reference electrode: A1A2). The greater part of the LFP appeared as a large biphasic wave. The evoked potentials recorded from the scalp vertex (Cz) and from intracerebral contacts located in the left temporoparietal cortex (LTP) and left mesial temporal cortex (LMT) are also shown for comparison. doi:10.17605/OSF.IO/4R7PM.