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Knockdown of Stmn1 attenuates the down-regulation of miR-101-mediated enhancement of cell growth and metastasis.

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posted on 2012-10-11, 00:33 authored by Rui Wang, Hong-Bin Wang, Chan Juan Hao, Yi Cui, Xiao-Chen Han, Yi Hu, Fei-Feng Li, Hong-Fei Xia, Xu Ma

Stmn1 siRNA1, siRNA2 or scramble siRNA control were transfected into Hs518bst with the lipofectamine 2000. Cell proliferation was determined by MTT assay (A). Cell apoptosis were detected by flow cytometry (B). Cells (0.5×106 cells/ml) were seeded Transwells for cell migration assay (C) or matrigel-coated Transwells for cell invasion assay (D). The detailed explanation for cell proliferation, apoptosis, cell migration and invasion assay was referred to the legends for figure 11. *a: anti-miR control vs miR-101 inhibitor, P<0.05; *b: miR-101 inhibitor vs miR-101 inhibitor+Scramble siRNA, miR-101 inhibitor+Stmn1 siRNA1 or miR-101 inhibitor+Stmn1 siRNA2, P<0.05.