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Kahweol inhibits in vivo angiogenesis and does not induce endothelial cell-specific apoptosis in the quail CAM assay.

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posted on 09.08.2011 by Casimiro Cárdenas, Ana R. Quesada, Miguel A. Medina

A) CAM assay. Dotted circles identify the position of the methyl cellulose discs after incubation, carried out as described in Materials and methods. In controls, methyl cellulose discs were prepared with the vehicle (DMSO). In treatments, methyl cellulose discs contained 50 nmol of kahweol. B) Detection of apoptosis in the quail CAM assay. Arrows point to apoptotic cells. C) Angiogenesis assay in the zebrafish model. The arrow points to the caudal region with narrower and disrupted intersegmental vessels in kahweol treated zebrafish embryos.