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JNK promotes human CCA cells proliferation and invasion.

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posted on 28.02.2014, 04:18 by Chunhong Feng, Kai He, Chunyan Zhang, Song Su, Bo Li, Yuxiao Li, Chun-Yan Duan, Shaokun Chen, Run Chen, Youping Liu, Hong Li, Mei Wei, Xianming Xia, Rongyang Dai

(A) Western blot analysis of phosphorylated JNK and phosphorylated c-Jun in human CCA cells. (B) SP600125 (SP) inhibits JNK activity in human CCA cells. After treated with various doses of SP600125 (SP) for 12 h, phosphorylated c-Jun in QBC939, RBE and HCCC-9810 cells was analyzed using western blot. (C) JNK blocking inhibits human CCA cells proliferation. QBC939, RBE and HCCC-9810 cells were treated with various doses of SP600125 (SP) for indicated time periods. Cell viability was determined by CCK8 assay. (D and E) JNK blocking suppresses human CCA cells migration and invasion. Human CCA cells were treated with SP600125 (SP, 20 µM) for 24 h before transferring to 24-well transwell chambers. The migration (D) and invasion (E) of QBC939, RBE and HCCC-9810 cells with or without SP600125 (SP, 20 µM) treatment were analyzed using transwell assay. Values are means±S.D. Columns, mean of three individual experiments; bars, SD. *Significantly different from control value.