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Intracellular distribution of SCaMC-1L in drying-down preparations of mouse seminiferous tubules.

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posted on 2012-07-06, 00:56 authored by Ignacio Amigo, Javier Traba, Jorgina Satrústegui, Araceli del Arco

Immunofluorescence staining of SCaMC-1L in drying-down slides was performed as in Figure 2. Representative images of SCaMC-1L (green) and the mitochondrial marker COX-I (red) staining in late pachytene spermatocytes (A), haploid round spermatids (B), elongating spermatids at different steps of differentiation (C, D, E) and elongated spermatids (F) are shown. Scale bars; 10 µM.