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Interaction with brain-purified CD8 T cells induces early morphological changes of BDV-infected neurons.

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posted on 2011-11-17, 00:35 authored by Grégoire Chevalier, Elsa Suberbielle, Céline Monnet, Valérie Duplan, Guillaume Martin-Blondel, Fanny Farrugia, Gwendal Le Masson, Roland Liblau, Daniel Gonzalez-Dunia

(A) A representative BDV-infected neuronal network loaded with calcein AM (green) at the start (t = 0 min) and (B) 45 min after coculture with PKH-26 stained brain-derived CD8 T cells. (C) Representative example of the image analysis performed to quantify the formation of calcein beading figures. Upon subtraction between images shown in (A) and (B), the residual fluorescence signal corresponds to calcein beading. (D) Quantification of the differences in fluorescence values, expressed as arbitrary units (AU). Values are expressed as means±sem of 5 to 6 independent experiments. *, p<0.05; **, p<0.01 by Mann-Whitney U-test.