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Interaction of pure PSP94 and PAP proteins in vitro.

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posted on 05.03.2013, 10:26 authored by Jenifer H. Anklesaria, Dhanashree D. Jagtap, Bhakti R. Pathak, Kaushiki M. Kadam, Shaini Joseph, Smita D. Mahale

500 ng of PSP94 incubated with or without PAP (500 ng) (lane 1 and 2 respectively) and immunoprecipitated using anti-PAP antibody. Pure PSP94 (20 ng; lane 3) and PAP (500 ng; lane 4) proteins were loaded as input. Lanes 1, 2 and 3 were immunoblotted with anti-PSP94 antibody, while lane 4 was immunoblotted with anti-PAP antibody. The immunoreactive band of PSP94 (∼17 kDa) is detected only in lane 1 and not in lane 2. Molecular weight markers shown are in kDa.


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