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Interaction between MyoD and Id2 reassembles Och1p and reverses och1Δ phenotypes.

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posted on 28.12.2010, 00:06 by Danielle H. Dube, Bin Li, Ethan J. Greenblatt, Sadeieh Nimer, Amanda K. Raymond, Jennifer J. Kohler

(A) The temperature and Congo red sensitivity of och1Δ yeast can be rescued by co-expression of the interacting LOC-MyoD and Id2-CAT pair. och1Δ yeast were transformed with the indicated plasmids and grown on CSM-Leu-Ura agar plates at 30° in the presence of Congo red or at 37°C in the absence of Congo red. Each row shows ten-fold serial dilutions of the indicated strain. (B) Yeast strains were incubated with Alexa488-WGA and fluorescence was measured by flow cytometry. Decreased WGA binding is caused by co-expressing interacting LOC and CAT fusions (LOC-MyoD and Id2-CAT) in the och1Δ strain.


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