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Inhibition of parasite growth by BMAP-27 and BMAP-18 peptides.

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posted on 21.02.2013, 07:09 by Lee R. Haines, Jamie M. Thomas, Angela M. Jackson, Brett A. Eyford, Morteza Razavi, Cristalle N. Watson, Brent Gowen, Robert E. W. Hancock, Terry W. Pearson

MIC assays were performed on trypanosomes and Leishmania using alamarBlue as described in the Materials and Methods. Panel A: Comparison of full length and truncated host defense peptides. T. b. brucei 427.01 BSF (black lines), PCF (gray lines) and Sodalis glossinidius (green lines) were tested for sensitivity to BMAP-27 (solid lines) and BMAP-18 (dashed lines). Percent inhibition is shown as a function of peptide concentration. Panel B: Growth inhibition of a variety of kinetoplastid parasites by BMAP-18. T. b. brucei 427.01 PCF (black line), T. b. brucei TSW196 PCF (magenta line), T. b. rhodesiense ViTat 1.1 PCF (solid green line), T. b. gambiense U2 PCF (red line), T. congolense IL3000 PCF (orange line), T. danilewskyi TrCa (dashed green line), L. donovani LD3 (dashed blue line). The results shown are representative of more than 10 individual experiments (Panel A) or 4 individual experiments (Panel B) performed over a one year period.