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Inhibition of airway eosinophilia in OVA-sensitized mice by live A. baumannii.

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posted on 2013-02-20, 16:41 authored by Hongyu Qiu, Rhonda KuoLee, Greg Harris, Hongyan Zhou, Harvey Miller, Girishchandra B. Patel, Wangxue Chen

Mice were sensitized by i.p. administration of OVA/alum on days 0 and 14, then treated with A. baumannii or PBS on day 21, and intranasally challenged with OVA on day 28, as described in Fig. 1. Five days after the i.n. OVA challenge, mice were euthanized, and their lungs were lavaged. Upper panel: Total and differential cell counts in the bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) fluid were enumerated on cytospin preparations. Each bar represents the mean total number of respective types of cells in the BAL fluid ± SD (n = 5). The data presented represent 1 of at least 2 separate experiments with similar results. ***P<0.001. Lower panel: The BAL cells from OVA-sensitized, PBS-challenged mice (A) consist of predominantly alveolar macrophages whereas the BAL cells from PBS-treated, OVA-challenged mice (B) consist of mainly eosinophils (arrows) with a donut- or horseshoe-shaped nucleus and a pink granular cytoplasm. The majority of BAL cells from A. baumannii-treated, OVA-challenged mice (C) are large alveolar macrophages (arrowheads) with a foamy cytoplasm. HemaStat-3 staining, bar = 100 µm.