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Inhibition of T. cruzi epimastigotes by cumanin, cordilin and daucosterol.

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posted on 10.10.2013, 07:44 by Valeria P. Sülsen, Silvia I. Cazorla, Fernanda M. Frank, Laura C. Laurella, Liliana V. Muschietti, Cesar A. Catalán, Virginia S. Martino, Emilio L. Malchiodi

Growth inhibition of parasites was evaluated by a [3H] thymidine uptake assay. Epimastigotes of (A) RA and (B) K98 strain, were adjust at 1.5×106/ml and cultured for 72 h at 28°C in the presence of the compounds at a final concentration ranging from 100 - 1 µg/ml. The percentage of inhibition was calculated as 100−[(cpm of treated parasites)/(cpm of untreated parasites)]×100. Values represent mean ± SEM from three independent experiments carried out in triplicate.