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Influence of p43 overexpression on mitochondrial respiration at 2 and 6 months of age.

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posted on 2013-02-21, 05:52 authored by François Casas, Laurence Pessemesse, Stéphanie Grandemange, Pascal Seyer, Olivier Baris, Naïg Gueguen, Christelle Ramonatxo, Florence Perrin, Gilles Fouret, Laurence Lepourry, Gérard Cabello, Chantal Wrutniak-Cabello

(A–B) Relative respiration rate in permeabilized gastrocnemius muscle fibers from transgenic mice (p43) and wild-type animals (WT) at 2 and 6 months of age (n = 5 in each group). Respiration parameters were recorded at 25°C using an Oroboros oxygraph. Resting respiration (V0) was initiated in the presence of complex I (5 mM malate and 5 mM pyruvate) or complex II substrates (10 mM succinate and 2.5 µM rotenone), and maximal ADP-stimulated respiration was measured with one addition of saturating ADP concentration (1 mM)(Vmax). MP: malate and pyruvate; SR: succinate and rotenone. *p<0.05. Control values at each stage are considered as 100%, and p43 value are expressed in percent of the corresponding control value.


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