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Infection with seasonal influenza viruses induces variable levels of antibody capable of binding H1N1pdm antigens.

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posted on 10.11.2011, 01:16 by Jason T. Weinfurter, Kevin Brunner, Saverio V. Capuano III, Chengjun Li, Karl W. Broman, Yoshihiro Kawaoka, Thomas C. Friedrich

We used purified hemagglutinin (HA) proteins to capture antibodies from macaque serum. Antibodies were detected using an anti-IgG antibody coupled to horseradish peroxidase, with enzymatic activity quantified using a colorimetric assay. Results are expressed in terms of sample absorbance at 450 nm. Antigens used in each assay were as follows: a, Purified HA protein from A/New Caledonia/20/1999, a close antigenic match to K173. b, Purified HA from A/California/06/2009, a close antigenic match to CA04. Assays using lysates of K173 or CA04 viruses gave similar results (data not shown).