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Infection of MCF7 cells with M.fermentans prior to CPT treatment altered the cytotoxic effect of CPT.

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posted on 27.08.2013 by Reuven Afriat, Shulamith Horowitz, Esther Priel

MCF7 cells (5000/well) were infected with M. fermentans (MOI 2×103) for 6 hrs followed by CPT treatment for 12 (A), 24 (B), or 36 (C) hrs. Cell cytotoxicity was examined by the Neutral Red assay. The Y-axis demonstrates the percent of cell survival calculated as follows: [%cell survival in Mycoplasma+CPT (or DMSO) treatment/% cell survival with Mycoplasma alone] ×100. The results are mean±SD of 3 independent experiments. t-test, *p<0.05.