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Induction of Th2/TFh-cytokines and transcription factors in CD4 T cells by alumOVA does not require Helios.

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posted on 03.06.2011, 00:09 by Karine Serre, Cécile Bénézech, Guillaume Desanti, Saeeda Bobat, Kai-Michael Toellner, Roger Bird, Susan Chan, Philippe Kastner, Adam F. Cunningham, Ian C. M. MacLennan, Elodie Mohr

One day after receiving Helios+/+ or Helios−/− OTII cells recipient B6 mice were immunized with alumOVA in both footpads. A) Three days later the draining LN were taken for analysis by flow cytometry of CFSE content and the expression of Helios. B) At this stage the Helios+/+ (black circles) or Helios−/− (open circles) OTII cells were FACS-sorted as CFSE+ CD4 T cells. Largely non-activated endogenous CFSE CD4 cells were used as controls (black diamonds). The relative mRNA levels of Th2, TFh and Th1 cytokines (top row) or transcription factors (bottom row) were determined by real time RT-PCR relative to the level of β2-microglobulin mRNA expression. Each symbol represents sorted cells pooled from the two popliteal LN of one mouse. The data are derived from 2 independent experiments with 6 mice in total. Statistical differences between groups are indicated and NS = not significant, ** = p<0.01.