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Increased pulmonary expression of viral RNA sensors in response to inhalation of attenuated mengovirus.

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posted on 20.02.2013, 09:03 by Louis A. Rosenthal, Renee J. Szakaly, Svetlana P. Amineva, Yina Xing, Marchel R. Hill, Ann C. Palmenberg, James E. Gern, Ronald L. Sorkness

(A–C) Mice received intranasal inoculations of 106 PFU of attenuated mengovirus, vMC0, an equivalent amount of UV-inactivated vMC0, or vehicle (n = 6 mice per group). (D–F) Mice were treated with anti-neutrophil mAb or control mAb before receiving intranasal inoculations of 106 PFU of vMC0 or vehicle (n = 5–6 mice per group). Levels of (A, D) TLR3, (B, E) TLR7, and (C, F) NOD2 mRNA in lungs on day 1 postinoculation were determined by real-time quantitative RT-PCR and normalized to β-actin mRNA levels. * P<0.01 (vMC0 vs. vehicle or UV-inactivated vMC0), ** P<0.05 (anti-neutrophil mAb/Vehicle vs. control mAb/Vehicle), † P = 0.01 (anti-neutrophil mAb/vMC0 vs. control mAb/vMC0).