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Increased fat mass and intra-abdominal adipocyte hypertrophy in IR/LepRPOMC mice.

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posted on 19.02.2013, 21:03 by Joseph S. Marino, Jeffrey Iler, Abigail R. Dowling, Streamson Chua, Jens C. Bruning, Roberto Coppari, Jennifer W. Hill

A. Body weight of IR/LepRPOMC female mice and controls. B. Fat and lean mass of IR/LepRPOMC females and controls measured by NMR (white bars  =  control mice, black bars  =  IR/LepRPOMC mice), n = 5–6. C. Subcutaneous and intra-abdominal fat volume measured by CT scan in IR/LepRPOMC females and controls, n = 5–6 D. Section of perigonadal fat tissue, paraffin embedded and stained with H/E. Each panels are shown at 200x. E. Adipocyte size calculated from H/E stained perigonadal fat pads, 50 cells counted per section/mouse, n = 15–24 mice. * indicates p<0.05. F. Serum leptin levels of control (white bars) or IR/LepRPOMC (black bars) mice 3 hours after chow removal. n = 4, ** indicates p<0.01. Mean ± SEM.