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Increased expression of a panel of IAC proteins has little effect on hypercontraction mutants.

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posted on 2013-03-29, 12:17 authored by Stephen M. Pronovost, Mary C. Beckerle, Julie L. Kadrmas

A) For each genotype, a normalized geotaxis score from >5 independent assays is plotted as the mean±SEM. * indicates p<0.05, and ns indicates p>0.05 when compared to the Samba1/+ data. B) Survival data for flw7; 24B>Zyxin-GFP/+ is not significantly different than flw7 alone (compare to Figure 2B). Pupae present at day 12 do not progress to adulthood. C) Survival data for flw7; Ubi-Talin/+ shows that larval lethality is increased compared to flw7 alone (see Figure 2B).