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Increase of IGF1 concentration upon rhGH treatment in the IGFGT.

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posted on 18.03.2015, 02:55 by Julia Kolarova, Ole Ammerpohl, Jana Gutwein, Maik Welzel, Inka Baus, Felix G. Riepe, Thomas Eggermann, Almuth Caliebe, Paul-Martin Holterhus, Reiner Siebert, Susanne Bens

Scatter plot of the IGF1 concentrations (ng/ml) at baseline and rhGH stimulated blood sampling among the short-term rhGH treatment study cohort. The two measurements per sample are connected. Sample numbering corresponds to the sample identifier in Table 1. A significant increase in IGF1 concentrations after rhGH treatment is observed (paired t-test, p = 1.93 x 10–6).