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In vivo tumor scintigraphic imaging and changes in tumor volume.

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posted on 2014-03-19, 03:04 authored by Min Zhang, Rui Guo, Shuo Shi, Yin Miao, Yifan Zhang, Biao Li

(A) Mice were subcutaneously transplanted with Hela cells in the right axilla (A3). SPECT images at 0.5 h post-injection with Na131I showed that the tumor was clearly visualized in the baculovirus-infected group (A2) but not in the PBS group (A1). (B) 131I accumulation in tumors over time. Regions of interest in the tumor were quantified and expressed as means ± SD. (C) Changes in tumor volumes after 131I treatment. Twenty-four hours after intratumoral injection with recombinant baculovirus or PBS, the mice were further injected with 37 MBq of Na131I via the tail vein. Data are presented as means ± SD. *P<0.05.