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In vivo trypanocidal activity of cumanin: parasitemia levels (A) and survival curve (B) during the acute infection period.

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posted on 10.10.2013, 07:44 by Valeria P. Sülsen, Silvia I. Cazorla, Fernanda M. Frank, Laura C. Laurella, Liliana V. Muschietti, Cesar A. Catalán, Virginia S. Martino, Emilio L. Malchiodi

C3H/HeN female mice infected with 500 trypomastigotes were treated daily, by intraperitoneal route, with PBS, cumanin or benznidazole (1 mg/kg of body weight/day), starting on day 5 postinfection. Levels of parasitemia were monitored every 2 days in 5 µl of fresh blood from the tail vein, by counting parasites in a Neubauer chamber. The number of dead mice was recorded daily. Results are representative of three independent experiments.