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In vivo muscle function of Actb-MNsKO mice.

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posted on 2011-03-22, 00:08 authored by Thomas R. Cheever, Emily A. Olson, James M. Ervasti

(A) Grip strength, (B) treadmill, and (C) whole-body tension analysis performed on 6 and 12 month old control and Actb-MNsKO mice. n≥3 animals per genotype per time point for all experiments. No significant differences were observed between control and Actb-MNsKO mice in any assay at either time point. Error bars represent standard error of the mean. (D) Electromyography of 6 month old control and Actb-MNsKO mice showing no indication of fibrillation or fasciculation (n = 3 mice per genotype). Asterisks indicate depolarization due to initial needle insertion.