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In-situ survey of fluorescence in mesophotic corals.

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posted on 24.06.2015, 04:19 by Gal Eyal, Jörg Wiedenmann, Mila Grinblat, Cecilia D’Angelo, Esti Kramarsky-Winter, Tali Treibitz, Or Ben-Zvi, Yonathan Shaked, Tyler B. Smith, Saki Harii, Vianney Denis, Tim Noyes, Raz Tamir, Yossi Loya

(a) Green fluorescence of Euphyllia paradivisia and (b) Orange-red fluorescence of Dipsastraea favus photographed under excitation by the blue-dominated natural light at depths of ~60 m. (c) Fluorescence imaging system photography showing the orange-red fluorescence emission of Echinophyllia aspera and the green fluorescence of Alveopora ocellata at ~53 m prior to collection for laboratory analyses.