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In silico analysis of the 10q25 neocentromere DNA.

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posted on 30.01.2009, 02:41 authored by Anderly C. Chueh, Emma L. Northrop, Kate H. Brettingham-Moore, K. H. Andy Choo, Lee H. Wong

(A) Average abundance and length of L1 (or Alu) sequences along a 6-Mb genomic segment spanning the 10q25 neocentromere, encompassing the 330-kb CENP-A-binding domain (shaded in yellow; see Figure 2B for distribution of the seven CENP-A-binding sub-clusters within this domain) and the 3.5-Mb increased chromosomal scaffold (S/MAR)-attachment domain (shaded in grey) [17] analyzed using a 50-kb window. (B) Distribution of full-length L1s (green bars) as identified using the online L1Base program (