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In silico analysis of the sci1 proximal promoter region.

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posted on 2011-07-28, 00:21 authored by Yannick R. Brunet, Christophe S. Bernard, Marthe Gavioli, Roland Lloubès, Eric Cascales

(A) The proximal sci1 promoter region. The ATG translational codon of sciH is indicated as well as the Shine Delgarno (SD). The putative -10 and -35 elements of the σ70 promoter (identified by the BProm algorithm) are indicated in blue, as well as Fur-binding sequences (red boxes) and GATC Dam-dependent methylation sites (yellow boxes). The two Fur-binding sequences and GATC sites are numbered from the start site. (B) Sequence alignment of the fur1 and fur2 sci1 boxes with the E. coli Fur box consensus sequence. Identical bases are framed in green.