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Improved cardiac contractility in the PP-treated infarcted heart in a mouse model of myocardial infarction.

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posted on 2013-11-04, 03:49 authored by Motoaki Murakoshi, Kyohei Saiki, Kyoji Urayama, Thomas N. Sato

An effect of PP on cardiac function following myocardial infarction. Cardiac function following myocardial infarction was measured by echocardiography and shown as ejection-fraction (EF: %). The mice treated with vehicle (-PP) or PP (+PP) were subjected to echocardiography at days 1, 7 and 14 post sham-operation (Sham) or ligation (MI). The number of mice studied are as follows: Day 1: (Sham-PP: n=4; Sham+PP: n=3; MI-PP: n=17; MI+PP: n=20) Day 7: (Sham-PP: n=4; Sham+PP: n=3; MI-PP: n=17; MI+PP: n=20), Day 14: (Sham-PP: n=4; Sham+PP: n=3; MI-PP: n=11; MI+PP: n=14). p<0.05, ★★p<0.01. NS: not significant.