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Importance of facilitation by mussels for the resilience and persistence of Patagonian intertidal rocky shore community.

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posted on 2013-02-20, 13:51 authored by Brian R. Silliman, Mark D. Bertness, Andrew H. Altieri, John N. Griffin, M. Cielo Bazterrica, Fernando J. Hidalgo, Caitlin M. Crain, Maria V. Reyna

(A) Effects of mussel presence and mimics of the positive effects of mussel presence (i.e., refuge from predators and desiccation) on recovery of invertebrate community after experimental disturbance. (B) Effect of seastar removal on diversity of interstitial invertebrates in mussel beds. (C) Schematic of trophic cascade network that regulates diversity on moist, rocky shores throughout the world. (D) Schematic of shift in biodiversity maintenance to a facilitation network under a regime of intense climatic stress. Bars are +/−1 SE.